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The Daintree rainforest meets the pristine beaches and reefs of the Great Barrier Reef

So, what is "Daintree"?

The Daintree is an extremely special part of our planet, it contains spectacular scenery and the oldest surviving rainforest in the world that runs right down to the pristine beaches of the Great Barrier Reef, and it is home to unique animals and trees that are not found anywhere else on this planet, such as the cassowary on the right, filmed at Rainforest Hideaway:

There are several definitions of the word "Daintree":

1. The Daintree National Park, this is made up of several sections, starts at Mossman, and ends north of Cape Tribulation.

2. The Daintree Rainforest, this includes both the National Park and the rainforest on private land.
Apart from some walks at Mossman Gorge and Daintree Village, most of the accessible rainforest is north of the Daintree river.
To fully appreciate the ancient Daintree rainforest you really need to get across the Daintree river, do some of the boardwalks, enjoy the drive through the rainforest, and even better spend at least one night at Cape Tribulation and do a guided day or night walk to learn about this amazing eco-system.

3. The Daintree Region, this is an area without exact boundaries, but runs roughly from Daintree Village to Cape Tribulation and includes the Bloomfield Track.

4. Daintree, or Daintree Village, a small town on the southside of the Daintree river.

Map showing the sections of
the Daintree National Park

Introduction to The Daintree Region

Here is an introduction to the various localities within the Daintree, choose your location carefully, if you don't have your own transport you could find yourself a bit stuck if you were planning on certain tour pickups, walk to the beach, or dining out.

Bloomfield Track - The rough unsealed road north of Cape Tribulation, pure wilderness and remote beaches to explore with four wheel drives.

Cape Tribulation - the jewel on the Daintree Crown, 36 km. north of the Daintree river, a visit to the Daintree is not complete if you haven't been here, and the drive up there through the rainforest is an attraction itself.
This is one of the most convenient areas to stay overnight, within a two km. radius you will find in Cape Tribulation accommodation, bars, restaurants, shops, beach walks. Many local tours only pick up from here, not from further south.

Thornton Beach - A small community of only a dozen or so houses right by a pristine beach with a cafe, a holiday home and two bungalows, perfect for relaxing beach holidays.

Diwan - You won't see any signs to this area but it is roughly anything in between Cow Bay and Thornton Beach. This area has some holiday homes for rent and a few attractions such as the Ice Cream Company and the Insect Museum, as well as large areas of fanpalms.

Cow Bay - A rather spread out area of rainforest with a nice beach, there is quite a choice in accommodation available here and some attractions such as the Discovery Centre, Cow Bay Beach and the Icecream Company.

Forest Creek - the first road on your left after you leave the ferry. Two nice holiday homes here but no tourist attractions.

Cape Kimberley - An undeveloped area, currently only has only two holiday homes for rent as accommodation options, both with stunning views.

Snapper Island - Only accessible on a seakayaking tour, or if you have your own boat. There is no resort, only a National Parks campsite with a pit toilet. Some very nice reef surrounds the island.

Daintree Village - a very scenic area but not a village in the rainforest as some publications say, timber cutters cleared the land a long time ago.
There are some accommodation options in and around the village which is handy if you want to do the early morning birdwatching tour, and many crocodile spotting tours operate from here.
But to really see the Daintree rainforest you need to travel further up across the Daintree river up to Cape Tribulation.

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What's so special about The Daintree?

beach on the daintree coast
Your own beach !

The Daintree contains some of the last surviving ancient rainforest, which according to the scientists has been virtually unchanged for at least 120 million years. The Amazon rainforest might be more famous, but is "only" about 20 million years old.
The Daintree rainforest contains many plants and animals that are rare, endangered, or live nowhere else than here.
Some trees have been discovered that were previously thought to be extinct for millions of years!
The Daintree adjoins the Great Barrier Reef and UNESCO has recognized both as outstanding areas of scientific value and spectacular beauty and listed both the Daintree National Park and the Great Barrier Reef as World Heritage Areas.

The area north of the Daintree River is of spectacular beauty, and thanks to protective government policies it is still quite undeveloped.
There are no high rise hotels or concrete structures, resorts, restaurants and houses are mostly of designs to fit in with nature, and buildings are hidden away in the rainforest
In a world gone crazy with traffic jams and over-development the Daintree is an oasis of peace and quiet and scenic beauty where you can still have a pristine beach all to yourself or come face to face with a cassowary.

The ferry over the Daintree River is the gateway and as soon as you drive off the ferry you will find yourself in a different world.
Don't drive up in a convoy looking at the bumperbar of the car in front of you when you get off the ferry, but pulll over to let the other traffic pass and then wind your windows down and cruise up slowly to fully enjoy the spectacular drive through the rainforest.

The Daintree has some wonderful accommodation options built right inside the rainforest, and it is an unforgettable experience to sleep at least one night immersed in this ancient jungle, listening to all the mysterious night time sounds, and to wake up to the singing of all the tropical birds.

World famous nature enthusiast Sir David Attenborough has seen a fair few amazing places around the world but the Daintree is at the top of his favourites list, hear him tell you what he thinks of the Daintree...

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cassowary in the daintree rainforest
Face to face with a cassowary and chick

daintree tree frog

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