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Cape Tribulation

cape tribulation in the daintree rainforest
Spectacular scenery at Cape Tribulation, the ancient Daintree rainforest meets the pristine beaches.

Cape Tribulation is the jewel in the Daintree crown, and a must-do on your Daintree holiday.
This small settlement of less than a hundred permanent residents is probably the best base to stay during your Daintree holiday, especially if you travelled up on the bus and don't have a car with you. The town is easy to get around on foot and within a radius of just over a kilometre you find several B&Bs and resorts, shops, restaurants, bars, beaches and boardwalks.
Many of the Daintree's tours are based here and only pick up from the Cape Tribulation accommodation houses, not from Cow Bay of further down the road.

Cape Tribulation is situated 36 km. from the Daintree river, this will take nearly an hour to drive if you stick to the speed limits.
Do not expect a main street with shops, when you see the Welcome To Cape Tribulation sign then you are there, most houses and resorts are hidden away in the rainforest.
Accommodation in Cape Tribulation is found at a couple of very unique B&B's, two farmstays, and four resorts, which cater to a wide price range.

The most popular activities in Cape Tribulation are jungle surfing, snorkel trips to the Great Barrier Reef, horse riding, guided day walks or night walks, exotic fruit tasting and sea kayaking. You can make your stay in Cape Tribulation as action-packed as you want, or as relaxing as you want, there are some amazingly beautiful beaches where you can take it easy, and a good choice of walks too.
There are several National Parks boardwalks and a hiking trail up to Mount Sorrow for the more energetic hikers.

There are also several choices to eat, all the resorts have restaurants, there are several take-aways, and Cape Trib's dining highlight; Whet. They serve the best food in Cape Tribulation, the coldest beer, award winning cocktails, and they also have a small cinema upstairs, great for those rainy days, which can happen in a rainforest!

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Accommodation in Cape Tribulation:

It is recommended that you stay at a small place where you meet the locals which will add to your experience.
Rainforest Hideaway is probably Cape Tribulation's most unique accommodation; only two self contained cabins with open air bathrooms and a maximum of four guests in an owner built solar powered house deep in the rainforest with regular sightings of wildlife such as goannas, turkeys and cassowaries.
The owner/manager is always there to answer any of your questions or book your tours for you, unless he is busy working on his rainforest sculpture trail, make sure you allow some time to walk the trails on the property.
Watch the video if you're not convinced yet that this is the most memorable accommodation in Cape Tribulation....

accommodation with free wifi in cape tribulation in the daintree
cape tribulation accommodation

Possibly even more unique than Rainforest Hideaway is the Jungle Treehouse, this amazing creation is the ultimate way to experience a couple of nights in the Daintree rainforest.

A spacious octagonal timber open design building, with a basic kitchen, composting toilet and an outdoor shower.

This place is set deep in the jungle, close to a beautiful rainforest creek, and it is an awesome view from the back veranda.


cape tribulation self contained accommodation

treehouse accommodation in the daintree rain forest


Backpackers and budget conscious travellers might like to stay at one of the backpacker hostels in Cape Tribulation. PK's Jungle Village and Ferntree are the most centrally located, the Cape Trib Beach House is a couple of km. from the town centre, but its location right on beautiful Cape Tribulation Beach makes this one a good choice too. It is also more relaxed than PK's, which can get a bit rowdy with drinkers or live bands.

Cape Trib Beach House

beach house backpackers on cape tribulation beach

Beautifully located on Cape Tribulation Beach, the Cape Trib Beach House puts you right in the spot where the oldest rainforest alive today meets the coral sea.
You can swim right off the beach and see living coral reef, with schools of bright fish. Wander through the forest and you spot some of the rare creatures that make this forest their home.

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PK's Jungle Village

pk's jungle village at cape tribulation

PK's Jungle Village is located right in the heart of Cape Tribulation, near Myall beach and National Park.
Facilities include the famous Jungle Bar with its parties and swimmingpool, bottleshop, supermarket, restaurant, take away etc.
There is a wide range of accommodation available. camping, dorms, budget rooms and ensuite rooms.

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Those travellers looking for accommodation with some more facilities might enjoy a stay at Ferntree's Resort or the Cape Tribulation Resort.

Cape Tribulation Resort
Cape Tribulation

beach accommodation at coconut beach

This lodge offers natural accommodation, where guests can truly escape in the most exquisite of natural surroundings without sacrificing any modern comfort. Every detail has been considered to ensure a unique rainforest experience.The resort offers its guests sumptuous cuisine, tropical cocktails and jungle juices in a stunning beachside setting.

Ferntree Resort
Cape Tribulation

Ferntree Lodge in Daintree National Park

Ferntree Rainforest Lodge offers a wide accommodation range from dorm beds to luxury suites. It is set back in the heart of a lush rainforest and is just a short stroll away from the beach as well as from the spectacular mangrove boardwalks. It features low, pitched buildings that are set harmoniously within a dense, green landscape.

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Tours in Cape Tribulation

Make the most of your time in Cape Tribulation and book on some of the tours to explore this amazing area and get to know it! Ofcourse you can walk the forest by yourself, but with a local guide who is trained at spotting camouflaged animals and can tell you all about how they fit in to the eco-system it will be much more of an experience. And there is the thrill of flying through the forest at the Junglesurfing, or riding your horse along a pristine beach. Last but not least, you can get out from Cape Tribulation to the Great Barrier Reef on half day snorkel tours, you simply can not come to north Queensland and go home without having seen the colourful splendour of coral and tropical fish!
These are all tours bases in Cape Tribulation, you can book them if you stay in other areas but you will need your own transport to get up here, free pick-ups are only done in Cape Tribulation.

Jungle Surfing
in the rainforest canopy

jungle surfing tours in cape tribulation

Looking for a thrill? Zip along steel cables through the treetops on the world's oldest rainforest !
Tours depart hourly throughout the day and pick up from all Cape Tribulation accommodation.
An awesome experience!

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Great Barrier Reef
with Ocean Safari

half day snorkelling trip to the great barrier reef

Want to see the reef?
Ocean Safari runs a half day tour out to the Great Barrier Reef for snorkellers !
The reef is close to the coast in Cape Tribulation and you can be out there in only 25 minutes.

snorkelling on the great barrier reef
book hlaf day snorkel tours with ocean safari to the reef from cape tribulation

Horse riding tours
on the beach

cape tribulation horse riding tours on the beach

Ride a horse along trails through the world's oldest rainforest and along a pristine beach!
With different horses they cater to both beginners and experienced horse riders.
Free pickups around Cape Trib.

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Guided walks in the
world's oldest rainforest

guided rainforest walks at cape tribulation in daintree rainforest

Venture in to the world's oldest rainforest with a knowledgable local guide and learn about the amazing flora and fauna !
The Daintree is home to many plants and animals nout found anywhere else in the world.

guided walks at cape tribulation
guided nightwalks in cape tribulation

Miscellaneous info on Cape Tribulation:

Cape Tribulation has no banks, there are some ATMs but they often run out of cash or stop working when the phone lines are down, stocking up on cash in Cairns or Mossman is recommended.

Cape Tribulation has no mains electricity, all the resorts have big diesel generators that run 24 hours a day, and the local residents and B&B's have solar panels and batteries that reduce the hours their generator needs to run. This is not really an ideal situation, but the best they can do under the circumstances, more info here...

There is internet available at all the resorts, but it can be slow and not real cheap, this is due to Cape Tribulation having no broadband cable, it all goes via satellite dish, which can be either very slow or very expensive.
Don't stress out that your mobile phone won't work in Cape Trib, relax and enjoy the fact that you have escaped tthe mad world. If you do need some reception try walking all the way out to the cape, half the time your phone will work there.

Cape Tribulation is where the sealed road ends, and the rugged unsealed Bloomfield Track begins. You can explore this track either on foot up to Emmagen Creek, on a mountain bike, or on a fourwheel drive safari.

Cassowary at Rainforest Hideaway

Graffitit artwork on the main road

Cassowary visiting
Rainforest Hideaway

Cape Tribulation has seen a rise in cassowary numbers in the last ten years or so, and if you're lucky you may meet this amazing bird, Rainforest Hideaway is one place where they make a regular appearance.

Some other things to do in Cape Tribulation include going for a swim in the swimminghole at the Cape Trib Shop, or a visit to the Bathouse opposite PK's to meet some bats and learn about them.

Cape Tribulation was named by James Cook. He had travelled from England to Tahiti to observe Venus passing in front of the sun and thanks to his measurements the scientists could now work out the distance between the earth and the sun and a range of other things.
But he also carried orders that he was to take possession of New Holland to expand the British empire.
The majority of this epic journey had run fairly smooth, but in the night after passing Cape Tribulation his ship struck the reef. The Endeavour came extremely close to sinking but they managed to keep the ship afloat.
So when Cook looked out on the coast at first daylight he was not in the happiest of moods and named a few features with not the most cheerful of names; the cape he could see was named Cape Tribulation (tribulation means trouble) and the mountain behind it Mount Sorrow.
In the 1970s Cape Tribulation was discovered by the hippies and it became the end of the London-Kathmandu-Cape Tribulation overland trail. Marijuana growing, smoking and running around naked on the beaches were the main activities during this decade.
In 1981 the rainforests surrounding the privately owned land were declared Cape Tribulation National Park.
Cape Tribulation really became famous when in 1982 the Douglas Shire Council began bulldozing a track north of Cape Tribulation. Protesters came from everywhere and tried to stop the road, leading to several arrests by the army of policemen. The protests were unsuccesful in stopping the bulldozing of the forest to clear a road but it did lead to the nomination and subsequent inclusion of the area on the World Heritage List. In 1988 UNESCO declared Cape Tribulation National Park a World Heritage Area because of its outstanding value and beauty.
In April 2002 the last section of road was sealed, and in 2011 the final bridge was built to give Cape Tribulation all-weather-access. More info on Cape Tribulation's history

A map of Cape Tribulation to help you on your way, switch to satellite view
to fully appreciate how this little town is surrounded by the reef and rainforest.

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