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Birdwatching in the Daintree

The Daintree has spectacular birdlife, and many birdwatchers come from all over the world to in search of these birds. With more than 430 types of birds, Daintree is a bird-watchers paradise.
Cassowaries, herons, black bitterns, kingfishers, papuan frogmouths, wompoo fruit-doves, fig parrots, flycatchers, kookaburras, torres strait pigeons, starlings, the list is )almost) endless....
Even if you're not in to birdwatching then a face to face meeting with a cassowary is an experience not to forget!
And if you don't believe me then maybe you'll believe Sir David Attenborough....

Although there is spectacular bird life all though the Daintree the tours that specialize the most in birdwatching are based around the Daintree river.


Dan Irby's Daintree River Cruises and Tours

dan irby daintree river tour

birdwatching on the daintree river

Dan Irby's Mangrove Adventures offers Daintree River cruises which are very personal and informative for both the amateur and professional visitors all year round. Dan personally conducts all the tours.
Join Dan for a Daintree River Tour and you will see and learn about the interaction and importance of the fascinating plants and animals found only in the Daintree River Mangrove ecosystem.
Dan Irby's Mangrove Adventures caters for tour groups of 2-10 people on the Daintree River.
The main boat, "Nightwatchman" is 6 metres long with an open top and very comfortable 360 degree swivel seats. The swivel seats allow you to turn to see "the action" rather than sitting shoulder to shoulder on a bench seat. Nightwatchman's shallow draft allows a much closer approach to things of interest. Its wide beam also gives it great stability.
You will need to make your own way to the Daintree river but you can be picked up from either side.


Chris Dahlberg's Birdwatching Tours

chirs dahlberg birdwatching tour on the daintree river

birdwatching tour on the daintree river

Chris Dahlberg pioneered small group tours with dawn departures and the use of a vessel without a roof back in 1992.
You will see an average of 50 wildlife species on the two hour tour and a list of those wildlife sightings for your particular tour is uploaded to this web site before lunch the same day.
Chris exploits the early morning ambience and the absence of other tourists by departing from the Daintree Village jetty at dawn.
All tours are conducted by Chris Dahlberg himself.


If you book on Chris Dahlberg's Birdwatching Tour then the early departure hour means that you will have to find some accommodation in Daintree Village to get to the jetty on time, if you're a birdwatcher then you'll enjoy staying at Redmill House where the owners are also enthusiastic birdwatchers.

cassowary in the daintree

The cassowary is probably the Daintree's most spectacular bird, standing as tall as a man they are very impressive birds, see more info, photos and movies of the cassowary.



daintree tree frog

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