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Hotels along the Daintree Coast

Looking for hotels in the Daintree?
Then you may be in for a surprise. Highrise concrete hotels are nowhere to be found on the Daintree coast, once you leave Cairns you will see no more concrete monstrosities.
Instead there is a choice of well designed resorts that all blend in to the surrounding rainforest and if you'd sail along the coast on a boat you'd think there was nobody living here, that's how well the resorts fit in to the jungle of the Daintree!

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Daintree Eco Lodge
Daintree Village

Cape Tribulation Resort at Cape Tribulation

Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa is combining nature, culture & nurture in a true rainforest experience, nestled in a valley, offering quality accommodation, cuisine with a native twist, authentic Aboriginal.
Known as the "most pampering Ecolodge in the world” with only 15 rainforest villas nestled in the rainforest all combine to present true experiential travel. The villas are set in different levels of the rainforest to experience differing aspects of the rainforest from the floor to the canopy, and are designed to be an environmentally sensitive.

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beachfront accommodation at cape tribulation beachCoconut Beach, the location of Cape Tribulation Resort

Cape Tribulation Resort
Cape Tribulation

Cape Tribulation Resort hotel at Cape Tribulation

This lodge offers natural accommodation, where guests can truly escape in the most exquisite of natural surroundings without sacrificing any modern comfort. Every detail has been considered to ensure a unique rainforest experience.The resort offers its guests sumptuous cuisine, tropical cocktails and jungle juices in a stunning beachside setting. CURRENTLY CLOSED

Ferntree Resort
Cape Tribulation

Ferntree Lodge in Daintree National Park

Ferntree Rainforest Lodge is set back in the heart of a lush rainforest and is just a short stroll away from the beach as well as from the spectacular mangrove boardwalks. It features low, pitched buildings that are set harmoniously within a dense, green landscape. The lodge rooms are comfortable and some of them offer garden or pool views.

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