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Daintree Tourist Information

Here is a list of questions that people ask about the Daintree Region, if you still can't find what you were looking for on our site then click here to ask us a question.



The road has been sealed all the way to Cape Tribulation since 2002 but despite this there are still travellers finding outdated info that tells them they need a 4WD. Don't worry, any car can make it to Cape Tribulation on the sealed roads, and thanks to the recent completion of higher bridges there is now all weather, year round access all the way to Cape Tribulation. North of here is still a different story, for the Bloomfield Track you will need a four wheel drive, and during the wet season this road often gets cut off. In early 2011 during cyclone Yasi the causeway over the Bloomfield river washed away again leaving a 40 metre gap.



The Daintree coast has some spectacular beaches, see this page on Daintree beaches.


Box jellyfish?

These creatures stop the swimmers in Australia's summer months from November till May, and during this time you should cool down in other places such as the beautiful freshwater creeks in the rainforest, or the swimming pool at your accommodation. Box jellyfish are only found close to shore, if you go out to the reef on a snorkeling tour you won't see them there.



Few things in life beat the thrill of seeing one of these ancient prehistoric looking birds in the wild. North of the Daintree river you can encounter them anywhere, but the chances of seeing one is not very high, some people see them already on the road on the way up, others have searched for weeks. See this cassowary page for more info on this bird, and enjoy this cassowary movie;



The only churches in the whole Daintree region are in Mossman, nothing north of the river.



Although there are lots of animals, and especially spectacular bird life, to be found on the Daintree river, the majority of tourists are the most fascinated by the large saltwater crocodiles that are found here.
As soon as you arrive at the Daintree river you should be croc-wise. This means do not let your children go to the water's edge while you wait for the ferry, crocodiles can swim under water without a ripple on the surface and burst out with enough speed and power to take a horse.
You may not see crocodiles but they probably see you.

Don't let the above warnings get you too worried, since National Parks has started placing crocodile warning signs at the entry points to the beach people have started believing that crocodiles will drag you off the beach in broad daylight.
This is definitely not the case, and it is not even in a crocodile's normal behaviour to attack people in the sea.
There is a very comprehensive listing of crocodile attacks in Australia, and this shows you that crocodile attacks mainly occur at night, and/or in places where no sensible person would swim (see above warnings) and often people had been drinking as well.

But there are a few basic rules to stick to:

crocodile warning sign at the daintree river

* Never swim in rivers and creeks near the ocean, mangroves are favourite crocodile territory. Swim in the crystal clear creeks up from the road crossings.
* Never provoke, or harass crocodiles, even small ones. That's how Stupid Stefaan was bitten at Cape Tribulation.
* Keep away from any crocodile slide marks. Crocodiles may still be close by.
* Be more aware of crocodiles at night and during their breeding season, September to April.
* Never feed crocodiles - it is illegal and dangerous.
* Never prepare food, wash dishes or pursue any other activities near the water's edge or adjacent sloping banks.
* Never clean fish or discard fish scraps or bait near the water's edge or at boat ramps.

Fortunately there is a good choice of croc spotting tours available on the Daintree river so you can see these pre-historic beasts in safety, and have an expert guide spot them for you, they camouflage very well....


Disabled travellers?

Three of the four short boardwalks (Marrja, Dubuji and Kulki) are wheelchair accessible.
At the fourth boardwalk (Jindalba) wheelchair access to the creek is available from the exit end only, near the parking bays for people with disabilities.
Cape Trib Farmstay has a wheel chair accesible cabin at Cape Tribulation.
Nice and Easy Cruises that does crocodile tours on the Daintree river has a boat that can take wheelchairs.



The Daintree River Ferry operates from 6am to midnight every day, the cost is $28.- return.



Fuel is available at the only petrol station north of the river; Rainforest Village, 14 kilometres north of the ferry. If you're fourwheel driving then you wil find more fuel north of the Bloomfield Track.



There are a number of easy and even wheelchair accessible boardwalks in the Daintree National Park on the north side of the Daintree river, but the only walk that will satisfy the more serious energetic bushwalker is the Mount Sorrow Trail at Cape Tribulation, there is not much in between these two options.


How can people live in the National Park?

A question that is often asked.
Privately owned land has existed in the Daintree region for at least a century, and when the National Park was declared in 1981 no land was taken from landowners but the National Park was simply fitted in around the privately owned portions. This allows you to sleep right inside this ancient jungle and experience the night time sounds in places such as Rainforest Hideaway . More info on the private land inside the National Park.



There are no internet cables north of the Daintree river and the only option for residents and businesses is a satellite dish (slow and expensive). While a satellite dish may give some better speeds than dialup it is still slower than your cable back home, and also gets charged according to usage, both download and upload are counted. It is therefore risky to give people free access to your internet connection as a few hours of watching movies or doing big dowloads can quickly add up to big bills.
There is wifi available at PK's, Ferntree and the Beachhouse.
Rainforest Hideaway in Cape Tribulation is a Daintree accommodation with free wifi

accommodation with free wifi in cape tribulation in the daintree


Mobile phone reception?

In the wilderness of the Daintree north of the river 21st century services are patchy or non existent.
If you can not go without mobile phone reception, you will have to stay at Cape Kimberley in one of the holiday homes available there.
Further north of here there is virtually no mobile phone reception, but some spots where it will work half the time are on Thornton Beach, on the rocky headland on the southern side of Cape Tribulation, on the tower in the Discovery Centre, and on Alexandra Range lookout. If you go out to the reef then your phone will often work out at sea too, just remember to take it out of your pocket before you jump in to go snorkeling.



There are quite a few different habitats around the Daintree region so this varies from place to place.
If you are worried about mosquitoes don't let this stop you from exploring the Daintree, in Port Douglas which is lowland with swamp country you will find more mosquitoes than at Rainforest Hideaway in Cape Tribulation, which surprisingly enough does not get any mosquitoes at night while being deep inside the rainforest!



Mossman has a Woolworth's supermarket and all the other shops you might need on your travels.
North of there Wonga Beach has a pharmacy and some groceries at the petrol station.
Daintree Village has a small grocery shop.
There are three small supermarkets north of the river; Rainforest Village, 14 kilometres north of the river, and Mason's Cape Trib Shop and Friendly Grocer at Cape Tribulation.



See box jelly fish



Renting a car will give you the most freedom, and it is easy now that the road is sealed all the way to Cape Tribulation, but there are buses that can take you door to door from Cairns, the airport, Port Douglas and up to Mossman, Daintree Village and Cape Tribulation.
There are also buses that do package deals with a few nights accommodation and stops along the way such as croc tours, boardwalks etc. See our transport page for more details on this.


Wheelchair access?

See disabled travellers




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